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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Finally . . .AT THE HEART OF CHICAGO will be up on Amazon as a paperback in a day or two . . .

Done. I finally pushed the publish button for the paperback edition of AT THE HEART OF CHICAGO, my third entry in Seraphy Pelligrini's Chicago Stories.I thought I'd never get through all the revisions and proofs, and wouldn't have, if it hadn't been for the amazingly patient folks at I finally have a proof in hand and Amazon tells me the paperback will appear on their site in a day or two.

I decided to publish the first in the series: CHICAGO STORIES: WEST OF WESTERN, in paper as well.  That meant correcting the Kindle edition--but when I did, I ended up rewriting this and that, and that meant a whole new version, which is the one I'm currently proofing. No big changes, just wording, mostly. The problem is that now I look at it again, found much I'd like to tweak and . . .anyhow, I've decided just to fix the typos and leave the rest.


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