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Sunday, July 12, 2015

All the revisions are done, the fourth proofing run is done, and Hitch and the folks at are packaging AT THE HEART OF CHICAGO for publishing! Finally! As soon as I get the Mobi, I'll have it up on Kindle. CreateSpace may take a bit longer to get the paperback version out, but I hope it won't be long.
Then I'm going to revise CHICAGO STORIES: WEST OF WESTERN and issue that as a paperback,
I've cleaned up my office space, cleared the desk, organized  my books . . . not much to do but get started on the next Chicago adventure. I have two in mind and am having trouble deciding which to do first.
A. DEEP IN THE VILLAGE takes place in winter in and around Ukrainian Village, near Seraphy's loft. 99 year old Lucy Altgeld has died and left Max a mansion in Wicker Park. The police say Lucy fell down the stairs in an accident of a  type common to the very old. Seraphy discovers Lucy was murdered . . . with the help of Lucy's housekeeper, Gertrude, she sets out to find the killer.
B, ON THE STREET OF FORTY DOORS takes place in October, perhaps ending on Halloween. Based on a townhouse in Alta Vista Terrace, a landmarked block up on the city's North Side, where a townhouse in the middle of the block has been torched. Olivia Issacs dies in the fire, but her husband Nate and their adopted baby Seth, who were sleeping in the basement, escaped.Nate is devastated, asks Seraphy to rebuild/restore the house to its original state (allowing for modern mechanicals) and she gets sucked into investigating.

I can't decide which to write next . . . ARGHH.

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  1. Hope you have decided on "Forty" for the next book. Really want to know what happens with Dom and Dante and would like to see more of Charlie as well.

    Any kind of timeline yet?