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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jumping off the Cliff

Day 1

Just setting up my first blog. Easy, so why do I feel a bit intimidated?
Old dog trying to learn to jump through hoops?

Chicago Stories: West of Western, the first of a mystery series set in different neighborhoods in Chicago, is finally finished.  I think. Written, revised, revised, revised, edited and almost ready to publish through Amazon Kindle.

So now its a matter of the business of publishing--finding out about ISBNs, copyright, formatting, all that. Yikes!  Can I afford a professional designer? or a packager? Hmm. Will they take visa?

Chicago Stories: West of Western is the story of Seraphy Pelligrini, ex-Marine and Darkpool agent, wounded in the Middle East, now home in Chicago to start a new life in an abandoned building in a marginal neighborhood. She has a few problems: smashed widows, death threats painted on her garage, a man shot on the doorstep, three more down the street. With the help of unexpected friends, Seraphy finds herself hunting a killer in a neighborhood of strangers. 

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